Jayy Lee Produced By Steel Town Sound and HT Beats - You Don't Wanna Produced By Steel Town Sound and HT Beats

from by Jayy Lee

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Hook (2x)
cuz what's done is done
mutha fuckas run when they hear the guns
duck for the deck, trust and respect
don't press your luck man
you don't wanna fuck with me

Verse 1
I'll cut you up with my pencil
stencil your whole click on the pavement
arrange this beat to the drop of deceased
imagery when my hollow tip leaves
my smith n wesson you'll be guessin stressin the most
cuz when the toast pops off, you know I'm poppin the most
flows for days like the flood in the Genesis
heaven sent, so you know it's truth, when I'm spittin this
like Noah, you're so deluge-in-all (delusional)
embarkin on this art, I'll take you all by storm
swarmin through the speakers, speakin tongues and I'm done
the first one to bust and the rest left in dust
adjustin to the sound of the barrels, you combust
it's Fresh and I don't even give a fuck
if you ever show me love, I'm here for the power
beg no mercy, I'll remorse in the final hour

Repeat Hook

Verse 2
cuz when the time runs out, bouts of paranoia sinks in full of doubts
ease out through abstractions, cloud through these actions
cappin all these bitches, 'til they askin what happened
milk carton photos, with the prose leave 'em froze though
post apocolyptic, when I'm done with the sawed off
thawed off thoughts of the hearts that been rot off
got off quick, with the rhymes that been sat on
add on chains 'til the pain just adds on quick
split shit into fractions, count on this
fragments of your whole squad, disembodied arms
shards of a heartless throb, mazel tov
sobbin hard cuz you gon' need luck
when your top pops off, I hold souls under
East mutha fuckin Rivers 'til your spines tucked,
shiver cold quiver, sliver livers 'til your fates are delivered

Repeat Hook


from Scratching The Surface, released May 1, 2012
Steel Town Sound - soundcloud.com/steve-northrop
HTBeats - soundcloud.com/justin-hunley



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Jayy Lee Merced, California

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