Jayy Lee Produced By Joe Buhdha - Recognize Produced By Joe Buhdha

from by Jayy Lee

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Verse 1:
Now why you sitting there, trying to maintain
but all you ever do is just complain
and every time I explain it's all the same
cuz you all reprints in a blueprint game
I said the name is Jayy but these letters change
on some krypto shit, man it don't make sense
so instead I make dollars and I invest
learning these games til I impress
and I wont stop flowing til I'm the best
cuz all these niggas wack in this game of chess
I'm thinking ahead so learn my moves
and pardon em too cuz I'm stepping on shoes
I double up on ya, so place ya bets
while I'm pressing ya luck like you pressing a whammy
and I keep on slamming til I'm known like Sammy
cuz I'm hitting home runs, regardless of bats, B

Hook x4:
Realize real eyes, recognize real lies
(ya better recognize, real recognize real)

Verse 2:
I hoard all the beats cuz I box em like Bobby
only call me if you need me cuz Houston
had a problem, and I even tried to solve em
but all I really speak is crack, countin stacks
man half these mcs is wack, I run the track
like Lightining Bolt ever time I flow
cuz I'm so cold, froze half the heat
even Lebron had to sneeze, Breese
had to "bless you", man what a Saint too,
my tongues like a sword so fuck what you heard
my words built tough like a muthafucking Ford
run your ass over if you standing on my curb
pull my whip over as I'm fucking all your girls
shattering glass ceilings man tha'ts for sure
reaching for stars, these asterisks, just so I can master this
and half of this, yall steady wishing on
I'm already pissing on all these A and Rs

Repeat Hook

Ayo, I just need yall know
I have to go harder than the last bitch
this job demands it. I dispose all broads
so go on and criticize it, just recognize this
as the fair warning concerning all fake
bitches and dudes, I don't mean to be rude
there's just more to music then they show you
though you needa learn to listen through
don't let this industry play you,
degrade you, parade you like you're worth
the tag on your skirt, tight shirts,
to flirt, find your calling and aim
off this earth, there's a whole universe to explore
all you have to do is recognize
what we're here for




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Jayy Lee Merced, California

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