In The End (Linkin Park Piano Instrumental)

from by Jayy Lee

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I keep on writing but I burn the page
built up rage led to days
where I spend more time counting ways
cutting all the bullshit with razor blades
'til my mind made mazes
my lungs found hazes, waging off the pain
from sane to mad
'til the blunt wraps burned, all that I had
now raps form smolders, I burn 'em back
scorching with the heat from the pressure, damn
a love gone bad, now demons laugh
cuz everything I hear, it reminds me of you
so everything I make is a product of you
and I dont like math, I dissolve in two
tryna figure why the fuck I make these songs for you
ridiculed by emotions, I sift 'em through
the holes in my heart, feeling like a tool
cuz when I fell apart, who's the one to fool
half empty moons into thinking they're full?
I was never good enough, just a crescent wound
used to light nights, as you came in through
abused my ego, 'til my heart felt used
confused now, I'll never give a fuck again,
'til my whole soul shatters
cuz in the end, it doesnt even matter...




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Jayy Lee Merced, California

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