Jayy Lee Ft. Unseen NY Produced By Dakii - Apartment 2a Ft. Unseen NY Produced By Dakii

from by Jayy Lee

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Jayy Lee:
I shifted plans as he closed in
approached me quicker than a caravan with no brakes
exchanging looks like somebody's gotta give
I saw him reach for it,
envelope pressed softly against the palm of hands
gods plans laid out before me
decked out in black and white photographs surely
reassured that the worth would soon amount shortly
a letter encouraging we wipe him off entirely
broken concentration as a phone booth rings, I answer stat,
but all I hear is heavy breathing so I react
confirming in the mission, my disposition itching just to listen
but I retract in my steps
left the phone loose hanging, my conscience condescending
in my thoughts, cuz clearly
I give a fuck less than you thought
a heartless romantic out for revenge
avenge that mutha fucka

I crept back down the narrow path of ally ways
as I made my way to the door, reassuring hardly
when I exchanged glares with the bible thumpers calling out for world peace
across the street I could feel them all staring,
their voices trailing off as I moved up the steps
setting out to fulfill pains destiny, and death if it's meant to be
I pulled out a loaded magazine clip, the closest to fame that he'll ever be
names written out on these hollowed tips, gripped tight as I
tucked weight in my waist,
and kept it moving at a steady pace
raced down through the fire escape to the floor where his girl lived
slipped through the window as she came in crashing
dashed through and smashed her head in as she gasped
grasping at her wounds and started screaming like

and there her body lay lifeless face up,
pressed up against the barrel
her blood still splattering apparel
apparently, she never saw it coming
as I hear the pitter patter of feet running down the hall
Fuck, he's already here? shit...
what do I do? alright...
I'll just...I'll just hide in here and yap him when he ain't even lookin...

Unseen NY:
Outta breath as I bolt up in apartment number 2a
On my Mind was sex drivin on the thruway
But it was death I walked in on
unfortunate my luck - lost again
Blood surrounds my brown timbs
Crossed my head and chest with my right hand
Saw the nightstand pictures with another lover death threats, letters,
Bitch was undercover
I tried to smother my emotions
We coulda talked it out - no more
Layin swollen with her eyelids open

Now im in deep convo
Holdin a nine what I'm speaking on tho is undefined so yo
Was I reaching when I thought
We finally reached agreements?
Fuck bereavement my last moments fleeting this my only reason
I beat prison gates, stopped hustling, worked a 9-5 now I'm missing
strength functioning
We coulda been a greater team then breath mints and visine by my assessment
It was all a dream bought a ring
But that's some other shit
I lost a lover that was never mine
Sucker shit to pull this trigga never mind
heard a click behind my left ear drum
Went numb her jealous lover never left I'm succumbing to death
Rolled over faced the jux lost all control
shows this triangle shit could take your soul - never know
I'm hearing sirens...
Vision very unclear why is it love disguise itself but violence really
lurks there?




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Jayy Lee Merced, California

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