Scratching The Surface

by Jayy Lee

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An unofficial mixtape by west coast underground female rapper Jayy Lee. Free downloads, just circulate the link and it'd be much appreciated! Feel free to add me on my other sites, I like to talk to strangers! lol


released May 1, 2012

1. How I Live Ft. Doe Boy Produced by Don Coda
2. Recognize Produced by Joe Buhdha
3. Apartment 2a Ft. Unseen Ny Produced by Dakii
4. Take Control Ft. Renzo Produced by MAARTN
5. You Don't Wanna Produced by Steel Town Sound and HT Beats
6. In The End (Linkin Park Piano Instrumental)
7. I Stopped Believing Produced by Necedah
8. WriteBackSoon Produced by Purfaz Beats



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Jayy Lee Merced, California

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Track Name: How I Live Ft. Doe Boy Produced By Don Coda
verse one-jayyfresh

A real thorough soul
you could hear it when I flow
mic check 1 2 if you don't already know
got the bitches on call
clothes on the floor
dubs on the rollz
royce dubbed on the voice
I'm not 5'9
never worked a 9 to 5
a hustla kinda life
pop models by the night
i mean, pop bottles by the night
might top a few bitches
if their bodys looks right
cuz you know they're real open
when u on my type of hype
got pornstar bitches
tryna hit my Skype
and if you hit my skype
type Jayy [dot] Fresh
but only if you're fine
cuz you just might find that
I live it how I spit it
spit it how I'm living
got top notch women
stuttering when they speak
peaking off the alphabet
like all they really know is Jayyyy
and that's bet

verse 2-doe boy

This is how I live,
trap life hustlin brick after brick
on that young nigga shit
damn Jayy you a fly chick
two of the best a town and Merced
we keep it so west
I'm off that Cali,
this an anthem for the whole god damn valley
I do it big in my city,
motivation put it on for the nation
I'm doin it what is ya sayin
central valley, we back pop bottles
pop hollows rob dope
that's an over dose
west coast two of the finest do the most
fill up yo cups and lets make a toast
this our life, get money stay high
this the life get money stay fly
all I know is deal, get dough
hustle and flow
thats all I know
its my time yall gotta go

verse 3-jayyfresh

real when I spit,
spit ill when I hit
Mics, Vic what you'll need
when my guards are unleashed, right?
cuz I creep in the night
enlight when I write
might drop a few lines
to impregnate your mind
cuz my lip game proper
Hip game Hop-per
field play? Hoffa
harder than the rest so your best just softer
easy like your bitch, didn't even have to top her
just stop her after head,
cuz my mind starts shifting and I'm only after ends
straight to the finish, diminish all these rappers
got the Doe Boy featured, and you know we chasing after
mastering this craft 'til the moneys falling faster
than deaf girls claiming Jayy's their favorite rapper
assassin on the track, you just killing 'em hardly
I'm like Lauryn with the flow and my bars be Marley
Track Name: Jayy Lee Produced By Joe Buhdha - Recognize Produced By Joe Buhdha
Verse 1:
Now why you sitting there, trying to maintain
but all you ever do is just complain
and every time I explain it's all the same
cuz you all reprints in a blueprint game
I said the name is Jayy but these letters change
on some krypto shit, man it don't make sense
so instead I make dollars and I invest
learning these games til I impress
and I wont stop flowing til I'm the best
cuz all these niggas wack in this game of chess
I'm thinking ahead so learn my moves
and pardon em too cuz I'm stepping on shoes
I double up on ya, so place ya bets
while I'm pressing ya luck like you pressing a whammy
and I keep on slamming til I'm known like Sammy
cuz I'm hitting home runs, regardless of bats, B

Hook x4:
Realize real eyes, recognize real lies
(ya better recognize, real recognize real)

Verse 2:
I hoard all the beats cuz I box em like Bobby
only call me if you need me cuz Houston
had a problem, and I even tried to solve em
but all I really speak is crack, countin stacks
man half these mcs is wack, I run the track
like Lightining Bolt ever time I flow
cuz I'm so cold, froze half the heat
even Lebron had to sneeze, Breese
had to "bless you", man what a Saint too,
my tongues like a sword so fuck what you heard
my words built tough like a muthafucking Ford
run your ass over if you standing on my curb
pull my whip over as I'm fucking all your girls
shattering glass ceilings man tha'ts for sure
reaching for stars, these asterisks, just so I can master this
and half of this, yall steady wishing on
I'm already pissing on all these A and Rs

Repeat Hook

Ayo, I just need yall know
I have to go harder than the last bitch
this job demands it. I dispose all broads
so go on and criticize it, just recognize this
as the fair warning concerning all fake
bitches and dudes, I don't mean to be rude
there's just more to music then they show you
though you needa learn to listen through
don't let this industry play you,
degrade you, parade you like you're worth
the tag on your skirt, tight shirts,
to flirt, find your calling and aim
off this earth, there's a whole universe to explore
all you have to do is recognize
what we're here for
Track Name: Jayy Lee Ft. Renzo Produced By MAARTN - Take Control Ft. Renzo Produced By MAARTN
Verse 1 (Jayy Lee)
I'm a pyro, burn bridges with hydro
so cry me a river bitch
and that's where they'll find ya
twist tied wrists and for the jist justa slit throat
bloat 'til you're belly up
swellin up, it's well enough
brain dead, enough said
shred lead 'til the beat bled
run on sentences 'til they all read (red)
wet you up like your shorty kid
surely did, forplay fully, broke her off and then she gave me head
tread back on the thought, for a second then I fled
sought bread, broke beats and then it's on again
heat strapped, packed stacks, pen passed lines
like addicts, rapping must be a habit man
I'm gifted like Nazareth's planning
prophesizing, idealizing with the world in my hands,
cuz I work for this shit, word play in my glands
take control of the mic like you taking commands, bitch
Track Name: Jayy Lee Produced By Steel Town Sound and HT Beats - You Don't Wanna Produced By Steel Town Sound and HT Beats
Hook (2x)
cuz what's done is done
mutha fuckas run when they hear the guns
duck for the deck, trust and respect
don't press your luck man
you don't wanna fuck with me

Verse 1
I'll cut you up with my pencil
stencil your whole click on the pavement
arrange this beat to the drop of deceased
imagery when my hollow tip leaves
my smith n wesson you'll be guessin stressin the most
cuz when the toast pops off, you know I'm poppin the most
flows for days like the flood in the Genesis
heaven sent, so you know it's truth, when I'm spittin this
like Noah, you're so deluge-in-all (delusional)
embarkin on this art, I'll take you all by storm
swarmin through the speakers, speakin tongues and I'm done
the first one to bust and the rest left in dust
adjustin to the sound of the barrels, you combust
it's Fresh and I don't even give a fuck
if you ever show me love, I'm here for the power
beg no mercy, I'll remorse in the final hour

Repeat Hook

Verse 2
cuz when the time runs out, bouts of paranoia sinks in full of doubts
ease out through abstractions, cloud through these actions
cappin all these bitches, 'til they askin what happened
milk carton photos, with the prose leave 'em froze though
post apocolyptic, when I'm done with the sawed off
thawed off thoughts of the hearts that been rot off
got off quick, with the rhymes that been sat on
add on chains 'til the pain just adds on quick
split shit into fractions, count on this
fragments of your whole squad, disembodied arms
shards of a heartless throb, mazel tov
sobbin hard cuz you gon' need luck
when your top pops off, I hold souls under
East mutha fuckin Rivers 'til your spines tucked,
shiver cold quiver, sliver livers 'til your fates are delivered

Repeat Hook
Track Name: Jayy Lee Ft. Unseen NY Produced By Dakii - Apartment 2a Ft. Unseen NY Produced By Dakii
Jayy Lee:
I shifted plans as he closed in
approached me quicker than a caravan with no brakes
exchanging looks like somebody's gotta give
I saw him reach for it,
envelope pressed softly against the palm of hands
gods plans laid out before me
decked out in black and white photographs surely
reassured that the worth would soon amount shortly
a letter encouraging we wipe him off entirely
broken concentration as a phone booth rings, I answer stat,
but all I hear is heavy breathing so I react
confirming in the mission, my disposition itching just to listen
but I retract in my steps
left the phone loose hanging, my conscience condescending
in my thoughts, cuz clearly
I give a fuck less than you thought
a heartless romantic out for revenge
avenge that mutha fucka

I crept back down the narrow path of ally ways
as I made my way to the door, reassuring hardly
when I exchanged glares with the bible thumpers calling out for world peace
across the street I could feel them all staring,
their voices trailing off as I moved up the steps
setting out to fulfill pains destiny, and death if it's meant to be
I pulled out a loaded magazine clip, the closest to fame that he'll ever be
names written out on these hollowed tips, gripped tight as I
tucked weight in my waist,
and kept it moving at a steady pace
raced down through the fire escape to the floor where his girl lived
slipped through the window as she came in crashing
dashed through and smashed her head in as she gasped
grasping at her wounds and started screaming like

and there her body lay lifeless face up,
pressed up against the barrel
her blood still splattering apparel
apparently, she never saw it coming
as I hear the pitter patter of feet running down the hall
Fuck, he's already here? shit...
what do I do? alright...
I'll just...I'll just hide in here and yap him when he ain't even lookin...

Unseen NY:
Outta breath as I bolt up in apartment number 2a
On my Mind was sex drivin on the thruway
But it was death I walked in on
unfortunate my luck - lost again
Blood surrounds my brown timbs
Crossed my head and chest with my right hand
Saw the nightstand pictures with another lover death threats, letters,
Bitch was undercover
I tried to smother my emotions
We coulda talked it out - no more
Layin swollen with her eyelids open

Now im in deep convo
Holdin a nine what I'm speaking on tho is undefined so yo
Was I reaching when I thought
We finally reached agreements?
Fuck bereavement my last moments fleeting this my only reason
I beat prison gates, stopped hustling, worked a 9-5 now I'm missing
strength functioning
We coulda been a greater team then breath mints and visine by my assessment
It was all a dream bought a ring
But that's some other shit
I lost a lover that was never mine
Sucker shit to pull this trigga never mind
heard a click behind my left ear drum
Went numb her jealous lover never left I'm succumbing to death
Rolled over faced the jux lost all control
shows this triangle shit could take your soul - never know
I'm hearing sirens...
Vision very unclear why is it love disguise itself but violence really
lurks there?
Track Name: In The End (Linkin Park Piano Instrumental)
I keep on writing but I burn the page
built up rage led to days
where I spend more time counting ways
cutting all the bullshit with razor blades
'til my mind made mazes
my lungs found hazes, waging off the pain
from sane to mad
'til the blunt wraps burned, all that I had
now raps form smolders, I burn 'em back
scorching with the heat from the pressure, damn
a love gone bad, now demons laugh
cuz everything I hear, it reminds me of you
so everything I make is a product of you
and I dont like math, I dissolve in two
tryna figure why the fuck I make these songs for you
ridiculed by emotions, I sift 'em through
the holes in my heart, feeling like a tool
cuz when I fell apart, who's the one to fool
half empty moons into thinking they're full?
I was never good enough, just a crescent wound
used to light nights, as you came in through
abused my ego, 'til my heart felt used
confused now, I'll never give a fuck again,
'til my whole soul shatters
cuz in the end, it doesnt even matter...
Track Name: Jayy Lee Produced By Necedah - I Stopped Believing Produced By Necedah
you know we always wondered why momma stayed out on corners
yearning for the taste of home, but nobody fed us
it was just a couple months 'til the rent was replenished
relinquished on the simple thought that god would come get us
that's when we hurt the most, close to edges, jumping our throats
instead we watched her over dose on powder and needles
needing a fix more than family, selling her soul
lost control of her life, until she lost it in whole
I lost touch of the hatred, thinking religion was evil
just a scam of blind fate, funded by hopeful people
that's when I stopped believing, cuz tell me who can you trust
when the only one you ever loved would never love you as much

hook x2
I stopped believing
in the lies, all the bullshit and karma
if Jehovah had a heart he woulda saved my momma
I stopped believing
when the stars seemed to lose their glow
some times fallen stars have no place to go

some times I wonder if she loved me, if she knew she was wrong
or if she even knew reality away from the bong,
syringes binge drinking thinking that she cared all along
or if she even knew the differences in right and wrong
I used to write her songs, tryna show her the light
but sometimes we lose sight, getting caught up in life
I used to think she stood on corners to pretend she was far
beneath the streets lights, tryna shine like the stars

repeat hook x2
Track Name: Jayy Lee Produced By Purfaz Beatz - WriteBackSoon Produced By Purfaz Beatz
Verse 1
Dear lover,
I been waiting for the moment to approach you
coach you into loving better,
though these letters, could never amount
recount back to the days when these phrases would mount
hope to the words that fate never found in me
bound in me, more doubts than your heart could see
when we fell apart, it was easy for you to leave
tattered fragments left on my arm sleeves
I once believed that you were eternity,
now reality only exists in my dreams
and since sleep is the cousin of death
I die a little more every time that I rest
conscious to the facts for the reasons why you left
are the same damn reasons why my soul now digresses
combusts into tears, years full of regret
now I feel the pain within every breath

Verse 2
I remember looking back, the first time that you smiled back at me
said your name was Romi and you loved my poetry, knowing me,
I dropped a few bars in this limbo
got intoxicated off your adoration, just over thinking stimulation
and you weren't into drinking so instead we aimed for conversation
elevation dropped fast as I fell for you, months passed,
as my heart swelled into a death trap, and you fell back,
took back the trust that you had given me
thinking fame would get the best of me
shivering cold, when my heart froze over,
your paranoia struck quick, and then it was over
like the calm within the storm, though the ache still lingers
I still cross fingers, waiting for your return
look I love you
I miss you
don't let doubts get between us,
just, write back soon...